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Re: collotypes

At 06:17 PM 10/22/00 -0400, Robert H Tipton wrote:
>Would someone kindly explain what a collotype is.

A photosensitive gelatin emulsion is coated on to a 1/2 thick piece plate
glass that has been cleaned and leveled in a warming oven. The perfectly
plumb plate is coated, then cooled and exposed to film negative to
ultraviolet light and developed in temperture contoled water bath.  The
plates  hardened and printed with an inked roller in a fashioned similar to
a hand printed lithograph.  A book _Studio Collograph_ by Kirby is the best
historic/technical manual out there.  Great pictures of process, equipment
and images.

The process is capeble of reproducing a fine random dot pattern and if
Triton Press is still in businees, it is still used for fine art

 Michael Morin

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