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Micrometers and calipers

The micrometer, and, in fact, the caliper, are extremely useful tools
when certain types of measurements are required.

Mitutoyo make micrometers.  They have a good presence on the Web, and
you will find an agent in America for sure.  Starrett are also very
good.  However, you will have to consider the type of scale or scales
you might want to use.  Will you want to measure in Imperial, or Metric,
or both.  How is paper thickness measured in America?  Or board
thickness? Here in Australia, we have a Mitutoyo metric barrel
micrometer, and a number of dual-measuring dial calipers made by other
companies.  How would you like to read off the measurement?  The barrel
readings are slow to read , unless you use the instrument alot.  An
electronic micrometer, albeit expensive, is the best, if you wish to
read a decimal metric scale.  However, if you want Imperial measurement,
i.e. fractional scale, eg half an inch, or one sixteenth of an inch, the
electronic ones cannot perform such feats.  Electronic ones can only
measure decimal scales, not to another base.  There are many variations
to the theme when choosing a micrometer.  We have preferred instruments
with a a dial reader, for their ease of reading, relative low price, and
also their ability to have two or three different scales showing a
reading simultaneously.  As we use Imperial fractional a great deal,
dial suited us the best.

Be that as it may, the paper industry has a measuring instrument
especially for measuring the thickness of paper.  And guess what it is
called.  - a Paper Thicknesser.  From memory, Mitutoyo have a Paper
Thicknesser in their range.  What they are, are a caliper, with a dial
to read off the measurement, with broad feet for covering a larger area
of the material you wish to measure.  Normal micrometers and calipers
have small feet, just a rod, in fact.  Some of the paper thicknessers
come with another set of feet, which you can take off and put on easily!

You'd be surprised just how many of the manufacturing industries around
the world are serviced by calipers and micrometers made especially for
their industry.  Mitutoyo have a very large range of both instruments.
As do Starretts.

We have written this very hurriedly.  I hope that it helps, although it
has probably made it more confusing for you!

Peter Krantz.
Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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