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 As several people have mentioned, the choice of micrometer is very much
dependant on what you want to use it for.  As a bookbinder I have been
very happy with mine which is, I believe, of German manufacture,
designed for luthers and makers of other wooden stringed instruments. It
has a very deep throat, mine is more than eight inches, and the part
that registers thickness is on a spring so that as an uneven material,
such as leather, is drawn through it the gauge registers the changes in
thickness.  The micrometer is footed, so I can use both hands to
manuever the material instead of holding onto the guage.  It is,
however, small enough and light enough to hold in one hand. The gauge
registers in tenths of a millimeter (i.e. a single sheet of regular
office paper (like what comes out of the copy machine) is a about a
tenth of a millimeter thick).
 Dorothy Africa

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