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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 1 Nov 2000 to 2 Nov 2000 (#2000-299)

>Date:    Thu, 2 Nov 2000 11:36:36 -0500
>From:    "M. Shaun McMurdie" <mcmurdie.2@OSU.EDU>
>Subject: Micrometer
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>Dear All,
>A local expert calligrapher and book arts aficionado (but not a subscriber)
>recently called our library see if we could recommend the best hand-held
>micrometer for her
>uses in calligraphy and binding.
>She asked us to post the following:
>"Can you recommend a good, or even the best, hand held micrometer for use in
>bookbinding. We are considering the Starrett unit sold by TALAS, and the
>French model sold by BookMakers. Are there others? What are the relative
>merits of each? Thank you"
>If you have suggestions please contact her directly at:  awoods@gcfn
>Thank you
>Shaun McMurdie
>M. Shaun McMurdie
>Collections Conservator
>The Ohio State University Libraries
>Conservation Division
>1858 Neil Avenue Mall
>Columbus, Ohio 43210-1286
>(614) 292-9690
>E-mail: mcmurdie.2@osu.edu
I have found that the best variety and prices for micrometers are to be
found at Manhattan Industrial Supply. The type of micrometer which gives
the best results for measuring the thickness of paper is known as a "disc"
or "flange" micrometer. To see a variety of these, go to page 2083 of their
The micrometer from Poland is a particularly good buy, I feel.
         If the paper is calendared, a standard micrometer designed for
measuring metal can be used with almost as good accuracy as can be obtained
from a disc or flange micrometer. The latter are definitely to be preferred
for measuring the thickness of soft papers.
         The premier U. S. manufacturers of micrometers are Brown and
Sharpe and Starrett.
Rupert Evans

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