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Re: Fountain of youth

Original messages on the subject:

Betty Storz wrote (10/20/2000)
> Yes, Dorothy, I have seen old leather bibles, read daily and carried to
> church on Sunday, covers still in beautiful condition without any treatment
> other than the lanolin from the reader's loving hands. On the other hand,
> the leather on the family bible, which just sat there for years gathering
> dust, is dried out and flaking away.
> Betty

On 10/22/2000 Matts Broberg wrote:
>I may be wrong... but I do believe that LANOLIN comes from the sebaceous
>glands of sheep - so either biology has changed tremendously since I
>went to uni, or sheep's ability to read has reached new heights... :)
>Mats Broberg

To which I replied offlist:

"I sheepishly admit assuming LANOLIN was the secretion of the sebaceous
glands of all animals, including man.

What is the human equivalent called?"


Mats' reply (also offlist):
Actually, I have no idea, though I'm pretty sure it isn't lanolin. I was
just getting excited that American sheep have learnt to read! :)

Best regards,
Mats Broberg

I'm happy to report I have found the word for the secretion of the
sebaceous gland of the human animal, something I had forgotten from that
physiology class long ago. Yesterday, at church, I put the question to an
M.D. friend. His answer: SEBUM.

Now we all know.


Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org
Mendocino, CA

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