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Re: What do you recommend as a good Printer for a new computer?

>   We do some printing/publishing and are about to purchase a new computer (a
>   Gateway) and would like to know some good Printers to consider.  We will be
>   doing everything from photos to book publishing.  Any suggestions would be
>   helpful.


At my previous office, we were very impressed with the Hewlett-Packard b&w
printers (both 4 and 5 series). I think our 5-series printer was a true 1200
dpi resolution. Both the 4 and 4 were FAST--even when we downloaded fonts
rather than storing them on the printer's hard drive. They took a lot of data,
buffered it well, hardly ever choked or jammed, and just kept cruising.

On the 5, the resolution was sharp, there was almost never any background
interstellar dust on the pages, and almost never any irregularities or
inconsistencies in sharpness or darkness from edge to edge.

Both the 4 and 4 were multilingual and, from what I could tell, they queued and
printed out incoming jobs from PCs and Macs with aplomb and alacrity! Also,
they both came with two built-in trays (user configured: we used 8 1/2 x 11 and
11 x 17) and a bypass tray.

Disclaimer: I'm not getting any money from HP, I just love their black and
white printers.

Michael Brady
16 Pedestal Rock Lane
Durham, NC 27712
Voice  919 471 9554    fax 919 962 2707
jbrady@email.unc.edu   http://www.unc.edu/~jbrady/index.html

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