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Re: What do you recommend as a good Printer for a new computer?

For b/w the HP 4000 (now the 4050) has been great for high-volume and
high-quality printing. I've now printed (with one rebuild)  over 400,000
pages and it  never fails to produce great output. My books have tons of
pictures and the HP4000, by far, does the best job with graphics. Mine has
the onboard hard-drive and duplexer which are both essential, IMO.    The
4000 has both 600dpi and true 1200 dpi printing. I normally use the 600dpi
mode, but the 1200 dpi mode comes in real handy for printing the heavyweight
covers of my softbound books.

Costs: with the 10K toner cartridge about $100 online (HP only - the
secondary market toner cartridges are not the same quality.)  the print costs
for a single page is about 1.6 cents per page.  I wish it was still lower,
but until I can find a printer with a significantly lower cost per page, the
HP 4000 is it.

For color, see this months PC Mag for a run-down on the current models.
DT Fletcher

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