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Re: Mending tears


Most often, when I mend a straight tear that has little or no delamination
on each side, I use a light japanese paper (kozo fiber) and paste.  A
narrow strip of tissue (not greater than 1/4-inch wide) is torn (water or
needle tear).   Open the tear on the book page and slip a piece of pellon
and a blotter behind it.  Slip the repair tissue into place, so that the
new paper lies have on the back, half on the front of the book page.
Carefully apply paste to the tissue (only on the part that will adhere to
the page (I usually use a spatula, but a narrow thin brush will work, or a
knife).  With a clean dry cloth press the mend into place.  Carefully turn
the page over and repeat on the second side of the tissue.  Gently blot
with the clean dry cloth (removes extra paste that squeezes out).

I use a piece of clean pellon and blotter on each side with a board and
light weight till dry (normally about 10-15 minutes) to avoid cockling.
Thin tissue and a very narrow strip will obscure the least text.  Because
the tissue is positioned dry it can be placed very precisely.  Sometimes it

is nearly invisible.  It also seems to be strong.

I never use pva for such repairs--it is not reversible and does not work
well when applied to the tissue.  It tends to pull the paper and makes the
furry edges of the strip clump together more than paste does.

Hope this is clear and that it helps.  If you don't have appropriate
tissue, let me know and I'll send you some small pieces of what I use.

Eugene, OR

Rondi B. Hanson wrote:

> Dear All,
> I recently found a ripped page in a text book of mine.  Since it is a
> book I plan on using for many years I would like to know the best way to
> repair it.  The pages are unfinished pulp paper.  The tear itself is
> slightly over two inches long, relatively straight, and has clean edges.
> I have the facilities to make a flour paste if need be.  Any replies can
> be directed to me personally.
> Thank You,
> Rondi Hanson
> Simpson College
> rondib@juno.com

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