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Re: Desperately Seeking: Binder Ring Mechanisms

In a message dated 11/7/00 6:20:13 PM, nicole_andersen@US.YR.COM writes:

<< Does anybody know of a source for very, very strong binder rings? I would =
greatly appreciate any suggestions any of you may have!

For the past few years, I have been working on a Ring Binder component that
would permit a bookbinder to select and attach any number of rings, at any
number of locations, for any thickness of book (i.e. diameter of ring) that
is needed. It was/is intended to accomodate pages that have been encapsulated
in polyester film. Unfortunately, the components are still in a prototype
If no one has any other suggestions, there might be a way to help if you are
not in a big rush.
Bill Minter

William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
4364 Woodbury Pike
Woodbury, PA   16695
fax 814-793-4045

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