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oportunity to a booklover

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my name is Adagilson and I live in Brasil.
Unfortunately, when I live I can't maintain contact with these process.
In fact, I understand very few about book tecnology. But I love
book(*arts*, binding/making/industry, etc): I am a librarian today.
I would like to learn so much about all this that you have talked on
this list.
In my city, Recife, northeast of Brazil, I can not do this: our book
industry is so little.
Thus, I don't have this oportunity. Else, book arts isn't
well-encouraged here.
Who want to have a Brazilian booklover as a "trainee"? (I'm talking
Yea, I would be very pleasant in working in your installations/office to
learning and working with books and so to be able to talk about books
arts in the same level as you are today.  Yea, I want be equal --or
better :) --than you.
I am wainting answers (proposals, of course)


PS--If you can't give this oportunity do you know who are interested in
to bid in a passionate boy trying to grow in the book industry :)?
Or on the other hand, Who know any organization that have offered this
kind of oportunity?

[Adagilson BB Silva]
os meios:
Fax: +1 603-590-5933
AIM: adagilson

a mensagem:
"Caminante no hay caminos, Se hace caminos al andar."

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n:Silva;Adagilson BB
tel;fax:+1 603/590-5933
tel;home:(81) 438.0948
fn:Adagilson BB Silva


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