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Re: Poly vs. Jacket

By poly-adhesive do you mean something that is laminated to the book jacket?
Or to the covers of the book itself?

I worked a few years ago in a library in Norway and all their books came
from Bibliotekcentral with the jackets laminated town with this plastic
adhesive stuff that was folded over to the inside and stuck down to the
endsheets.  Horrors!  The stuff was awful.  It cracked.  It didn't allow the
book to open properly.  When the hinge failed or other repairs were needed
you couldn't get the stuff off to work on the book.  It was not flexible.
It was not acidfree adhesive and thus over time ate the paper of the
bookjackets... uh, can you tell I didn't like them?

What we use here at the small public library I work at in Alaska is a book
jacket cover that is a clear plastic outer layer with a paper backing.  It
wraps around the jacket and is taped on but the tape doesn't contact the
jacket at all.  In the US they are available from library vendors like
Brodart or Gaylord.  (I loaned my catalog to the high school, but can get an
address if you need it.)

We attach them with strips we get from Kapco.  They also make far and away
the best laminated covers for paperbacks that I have ever seen, all with
acidfree adhesives.  They also have book jackets and label protectors and
other stuff.  "Ingenious glutinosity," says their slogan!  I don't have
stock in them, but sometimes I wish I did.  We think their stuff is the
cat's meow.  Their toll free number is 800-791-8965 or local 330-678-1626.

Did this answer your question?

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg Public Library

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