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Re: Book Arts in Tuscany

There certainly are quite a few small studios right in Florence. As well
there are lots of shops selling albums, diaries, etc. which are not that
interesting. I would suggest these:

Abacus,  via dei Ginori, 30r (red)
A small bindery and shop. The owner is very friendly, does very good
work and has wanted to start a teaching workshop (may have done so
already). I can't give you his name but do talk to him. (unfortunately
he doesn't speak English though so you have to get along with whatever
Italian you have).

All'Ancora Secca, via dei Ginori, 21r
a store for selling leatherbound albums, etc. - the people who work
there are the actual binders and are friendly.

Atelier Ricci, via Palazzuolo, 94r
A small bindery. At least one of the owners is American or English (I
don't remember which).

I don't know of anything outside of Florence but it may exist. These
folks would be able to guide you further.

Peter Sramek
Book°Sequence Gallery

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