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Re: Book Arts in Tuscany

The "Tavolette di Biccherna", the municipal account-books, are all housed
in the State Archives in Siena (Archivio di Stato). Several of the
Biccherna are usually shown in the exhibition room.

Hope this helps...Mercedes :-)

On Sun, 12 Nov 2000, Paul T Werner wrote:

> There's obviously some confusion here. The Museo delle Tavolette is listed
> with the Sienese Tourist Board - *without* a phone number. And it's not
> clear from your very helpful note that "the public" is admitted, as
> opposed to scholars with research needs. Are the tablets on view?
> As many of us know, access to monuments, museums and churches is always
> chancy in Italy. That's part of the challenge, and part of the fun.

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