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John Lane is revising Herbert Davis & Harry Carter's edition of Joseph
Moxon, "Mechanick Exercises on the whole art of printing (1683-4)", Oxford
1962, for publication by The Plough Press. He is updating, correcting and
expanding the list of copies of volume 2 of the 1683 edition.

If any list members know of the existence of a copy of this book not already
reported to us we would be very interested to hear from them.

Also, if possible please provide some information about the copy - its
provenance (or, if little is known, at least where and when you acquired
it), whether the copy includes the first volume (on smithing, etc.) and if
so, whether the first three parts are in the first printing (dated 1677) or
the second (dated 1683-84).

Please note we have already covered copies reported in NUC, OCLC WorldCat,
RLG, ESTC and  Karlsruhe Virtueller Katalog. We are particularly interested
in locating the following copies from Davies & Carter's list:
10 & 11 (both in the 1967 Kenny sale, both bought by Dawson: one reappears
in the 1998 Haskell Norman sale)
41 (1923 Typothetae sale),
45 (1988 Doheny sale),
56 (T. L. DeVinne/J. C. Oswald/William Ivins Jr. copy)
59 (Horace Walpole/Melvin S. Wood/Don C. Wood copy, which apparently
went to a new owner between 1960 and 1969).

Please e-mail any information to paul@fwbooks.com

Many Thanks,

Paul Wakeman

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