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new (old!) linotype & linotipisti (fwd)

[Apparently this has not been sent directly to the list. I thought it
should...] - PW

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Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 15:29:08 +0100
From: GIORGIO CORAGLIA <gcorag@tin.it>
Subject: new (old!) linotype & linotipisti

I am Giorgio Coraglia, linotype operator from "Tuttosport" (1969) and "La Stampa" of Turin. I am retired since 1993.
 I have put up on the Net a site:
dedicated to the profession of the Linotype operator.
My Web site < Linotype & Linotipisti > contain the description and the history of the Linotype and its inventor. All the models of linotype the Americans, English, Germans, Italians and Intertype. Technical cards. Use and maintenance.  Mail and testimonies (also photographic) of linotype operators (also my work history), editors and journalists. Many photographies originals, many link and many curiosities. All dedicating to the mythical Linotype.
I turn to you, if possible, for information to enrich the page dedicated to the Linotype and to Linotype operators who have worked on newspapers throughout the world.
It is a trade that is disappearing, swept up by the new technologies, but through this site there should remain a testimony of an innovative profession that has allowed newspapers to grow. It is a site open to the testimonies of all those whom have dedicated a life of labor to a mythical profession: to the Linotype operator & typographers & journalists throughout the world. To remember & to remind.
Yours truly,
                              giorgio coraglia

Giorgio Coraglia - via Fermi 1 - 10020 Cavagnolo (Torino) - Italy
fax: (+39) 02700404923

I encourage anyone interested in Linotypes to visit the site and to
send comments to Giorgio Coraglia:
e-mail: gcorag@tin.it

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