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Re: India

Well, if you feel like going south (and I recommend it if you have the time
and energy) there is in Pondicherry (just south of Madras) a large
paper-making foundation associated with the Aurobindo Ashram (their
workshops are on the edge of town though not out at the ashram). They make
many of the Indian handmade paper products that are sold in the US under
all kinds of other names. Sorry but I do not have any contact names or
address, I just wandered into their showroom and they let me walk around
(Indian Embassy in Washington may be able to provide a contact).

There is also a book you might want to look at (if it is hard to get you
can buy it directly from the author). It is a beautiful book, with a fair
few photographs, by an Indian woman papermaker doing her own delving into
Indian papermaking.

Premchand, Neeta. 1995.
Off the deckle edge : a paper-making journey through India.
Bombay : Ankur Project. 127 p. ; 23 x 23 cm.
ISBN 0 9525831 19.
[Available from the author PO Box 4556, 8022 Z=FCrich, Switzerland].

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