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Scott McCarney Exhibitions

Two exhibitions will feature the work of book artist Scott McCarney this
winter in New Haven, Connecticut.

"Scott McCarney:  Book Projects"
November 28, 2000 - January 20, 2001
PABA Gallery
1044 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT
*** Reception for the artist:  Thursday, December 14, 5-7pm ***

PABA (Photo Art Book Art) Gallery will present book projects from 1994 to
the present, including one-of-a-kind, offset editions, and sculptural
displays.  This exhibition will show how the book can both adhere to and
explode from the codex form.  More information is available at (203)
773-3665 or pabagallery@snet.net

"Scott McCarney:  Artists' Books from the Arts of the Book Collection"
Yale University Library
December 4, 2000 - February 28, 2001
Sterling Memorial Library
120 High Street
Room 177
New Haven, CT

The Arts of the Book Collection exhibition features the eight works by
Scott McCarney held by the Yale University Library.  These works span from
the early 1980's to 1999.  Works by artists who have influenced Scott
McCarney will be displayed alongside the featured artists' books.  More
information is available by contacting the curator, Jae Williams.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see the range of Scott McCarney's work
displayed simultaneously within easy walking distance.

Jae Williams
Special Collections Librarian &
Curator, Arts of the Book Collection
Yale University Library
PO Box 208240
New Haven CT  06520-8240 USA
(203) 432-1712

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