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Re: India

While on the subject of India, I though I'd relate 2 references that
provide significant information about historical and contemporary painters,
book, and paper artists and craftsmen, as well as historical collections in
Museums, Archives, and Libraries throughout India.

The Gift of Conquerors, Hand Papermaking in India, by Alexandra Soteriou,
Mapin Publishing, Ahmedabad, 1999. ISBN 81-85822-07-7
or the edition from Grantha Corp.  Middletown NJ ISBN 0-944142-56-7
You can order them directly from the author:

World Paper distribute an enormous range of Indian handmade papers.   I
understand that over a few hundred papermaking families are represented.
The book is expensive  (I don't remember how much exactly), but it's worth
it.  It not only portrays contemporary paper making with dazzling color
photographs, but brings together important historical information that was
previously scattered among a variety of scholarly references.

Another book:

Porter, Yves  Painters, Paintings, and Books  An Essay on Indo-Persian
Technical Literature 12-19th centuries, Manohar Center for Human Sciences,
New Delhi, 1994  ISBN 81-85425-95-7

You can find this book listed at www.bookfinder.com, but it may also be
possible to obtain it through interlibrary loan.

Mainly a  book about technical terminology in Indo- Persian painting, it
contains many references to collections throughout India.  In particular
Porter refers in the preface to a house in Jaipur of Kanwar Sangram Singh o=
Nawalgarh.  He mentions that due to the efforts of Mrs. Brigitte Singh, one
of the last traditional artist's studios still survives, working in the old
techniques, and that he observed them there at work.

Have fun! =20
Jake Benson

Fine Custom Bookbinding & Conservation
Hand Marbled Papers

Jake Benson, Proprietor
1319B Summerville Avenue
Columbia, South Carolina, 29201

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