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Request For Info - Books of the Middle Ages


I'm doing research on books of the Middle Ages.  Although there is
plenty of information readily available on the beautiful bound and
illuminated manuscripts/codices of the time, that's really not what
I'm looking for.  I'm more interested in the practical use volumes
(whether student books out of the monastic university system,
books of hours, etc.).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Further...(as you can tell I'm fairly new to this arena)...would
anyone have any knowledge and/or opinions as to the works of
David Diringer - The Hand-Produced Book, The Book Before
Printing:  Ancient, Medieval, and Oriental?  How about George
Haven Putnam - Books and Their Makers During the Middle Ages;
A Study of the Conditions of the Production and Distribution of
Literature From the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Close of the
Seventeenth Century?

If I'm asking on the wrong e-list and you have a better suggestion,
I'd appreciate that too...


Nikki J. Delaney
Hamilton, Montana

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