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Request For Info - Books of the Middle Ages

    The topic has come up a couple times on this list, so you might try
searching the archives for "medieval binding" and see what you find.
Of course, people don't always use the right headings, so you can't be
sure you get everything.  I think Diringer is fine, but I haven't read
the Putnam book so I can't speak to it. However, I believe it is well
regarded.  For the kind of book you are interested in, information is
hard to come by.  Try the local library and its interlibrary loan office
for the following authors:  Graham Pollard, Christopher Clarkson, and
Howard Nixon.  Much of their work has been in article rather than book
form, so you need periodical indexes.  The single most important book
for you to find if you are a novice is J.A. Szirmai, "The Archaeology of
Medieval Bookbinding", which appeared in 1999.  You might also try to
locate "Making the Medieval Book: Techniques of Production" edited by
Linda L. Brownrigg.  Good luck with your research.
 Dorothy Africa

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