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bookbinding manuals on eBay

Hello everybody!

I have just listed another 16 bookbinding/book restoration/book arts manuals,
magazines, etc. on eBay.  If you are interested in taking a no-obligation
'look', you can cut and paste the following "address" to go to eBay and look
at the first item; once there, you can click on "View Seller's Other
Auctions" and you will get an entire list of what I have up for auction.

There is a little bit of everything in this group of books from my personal
collection.  There are very old and collectible manuals, a bookbinding book
geared for youngsters, some restoration and library binding books, even a
beautifully illustrated 100 year old 'book about books' written in DUTCH, and
a book on headbanding, to name a few.

To view, go to:

Hope you will see something there of interest!

Regards, Karen L. Crisalli

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