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New York Center for Book Arts Pricing Conference

The following letter has been prepared after attending the highly informativ=
Center for Book Arts Pricing Conference in New York on Thursday, November 16=

November 18, 2000
Dear Museums, Libraries, Institutions, Dealers and Collectors,

I wanted to bring to your attention the unfortunate errors on my previous=20
Artist Book Price List which you received recently. I was in Marrakesh and=20
the typos slipped by my former administrative assistant.

Those books listed as $5000.00 should be $50.00,  $4000.00 should read=20
$40.00, and so forth.  Also the cover letter, which she signed for me, may=20
not have mentioned that I will be making Xerox =A9 copies of all of my books=
which will be available for your collections, priced attractively at $5.00.=20

Hopefully,  you will reconsider purchasing my unique books.  Should this=20
still create a problem for your budget, due to your building expansion=20
program, I would be willing to offer you a Special Discount to meet your=20
budgetary needs.=20

Thank you for your interest in my books.

Alice Simpson
Support Living Artists

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