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Sewing on cords


(And apologies for the cross posting)

I'm rebinding a book for a friend. It's not valuable, and their wish is
simply that it should be restored to a state where it can be read without
deteriorating further. It's in good condition, but the endpapers were torn
in two, and the cords it was sewn on to have snapped, so the block has
fallen out of the case.

I have no wish (or the ability) to make a new case, but I need to know how
to attach the replacement cords to the original case, since slotting them
through it, or stitching them to it, are no longer options.

The book is large (roughly 20% larger than A4, with 770 pages and additional
engraved plates tipped in here and there). The weight of the block is
obviously the cause of the problem.

Any ideas would be gratefully received


Jane Seaton

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