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Vertical board cutter

Greetings to the List,

Last weekend, we drove into the country, and bought a small bookbinding
workshop from a retired lady bookbinder.  Amongst equipment such as lead
type, finishing press, lying press & plough, etc. was an unusual item -
a vertical board cutter.  Made by C&H Manufacturing (a 3M company) about
20 years ago, it was marketed as a precision mat, board and glass
cutter.  The board cutter function uses a Stanley knife blade.  It can
be used horizontally (on a bench top), but this model was bolted
vertically, onto the wall, and is ideal when space is a premium.

We have yet to use it ourselves (in fact, it has gone straight into
storage), as we have a beautiful old Chandler and Price guillotine,
which does all our board and paper cutting perfectly.  Yet the C&P is
strictly a paper cutter, and probably blunts the blade when we cut

Do any of the List members have any experience with this type of cutter?
What sort of edge does it give to the board?  Is it accurate?  We should
like to consider using it, if it cuts accurately.

Thank you, if you can advise.

Peter Krantz
Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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