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Sewing on cords

  Good luck with your reattachment, Jane.  When I do this for heavy
books sewn on raised cords I use a slotted linen lining, or a comb, and
fray out the new supports (if there are any) and put them down on the
inside of the boards.  Of course, you have to lift the pastedown to do
this, or strip it completely off if it also needs to be replaced. Since
you have to replace the endsheets anyway, I presume you will be getting
rid of the original pastedown which will make this all easier to do.  If
the boards are thick enough you may be able to sink the new cords into a
recess near the original lacing.  Given the weight of the book I'd use
real airplane linen for the lining, but if that is not available to you
the thinnest, densest mull you can find. Since the book is not of value,
perhaps you could use tyvek if the binding is a tight fit.
  Best regards,
   Dorothy Africa

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