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Re: B. Harman's family's expectations about her art

As I read Ms. Harman's posting, I thought of my own experience in selling my
work.  For years I subsidized my clients, giving them discounts that made it
possible for the pieces to go to good homes but cost me dearly, not only
financially, but also in self-esteem.  I finally "got" the message about
valuing what I do when the work was accepted into some prestigious, high end
shows, and the response from the sophisticated, appreciative audience at
those venues was such that I realized that, as the Judeo-Christian tradition
has it, the worker is worthy of her hire.

By quietly, politely and firmly making my position concerning the sale of
the work known as it was appropriate to do so, I weaned friends and family
from the notions that what I do has no value, that it's "easy" (ha!), that
I'm so desperate for income I'll sell anything for any price.  It's a matter
of setting boundaries, pure and simple.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I am, as always, amazed and delighted at the
rich experience of making books and paper, and, especially, being a part of
a generous, supportive arts community as evidenced by the postings to this

Best regards,
Susan Lightcap

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