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Re: Vertical board cutter

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In my previous life as a framer, we used this machine all the time. It is
an excellent way to cut large materials that are too big to cut on your
board shear or paper cutter.  Because it mounts on a wall it is a real
space saver, and in that position makes reaching across a large board and
making straight cuts lots easier on your back and shoulders.  If you aren't
working regularly with  boards larger than your cutter you probably won't
find it all that useful.

It can be very accurate if the machine is mounted properly onto the wall.
The edge you get is the same as if you were hand cutting with a knife blade
and straight-edge -- it all depends on how sharp the blade is.  Change the
blades regularly and you should be very happy with the machine.

Peter Krantz wrote:

> a vertical board cutter.  Made by C&H Manufacturing (a 3M company) about
> 20 years ago, it was marketed as a precision mat, board and glass
> cutter.  The board cutter function uses a Stanley knife blade.  It can
> be used horizontally (on a bench top), but this model was bolted
> vertically, onto the wall, and is ideal when space is a premium.

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