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Sherwin Beach Press talk at the Chicago Public Library


Sherwin Beach Press to give talk at the Chicago Public Library

Bob McCamant, Martha Chiplis, Heather McAdams and Trisha Hammer will give
a talk Sunday, December 3, at 2 pm on the 9th floor of the Chicago Public
Library's Washington Center, 400 South State. The program is one of several
being held in conjunction with "Paper and Press: Prints from the Special
Collections and Preservation Division," a show on display at the Library
through February 18.

The four will be talking about their production of Mark Twain's
The Innocents Abroad for Sherwin Beach Press. The book, which they worked
on for more than 4 years, was designed by McCamant, printed by Chiplis,
illustrated by McAdams and bound by Hammer.

The talk is titled "Innocents in the Print Shop" and facetiously subtitled
"being an account of Chicago's Sherwin Beach Press's massive undertaking to
produce almost completely by hand a limited edition of The Innocents
Abroad; from which they emerged four years later, still speaking to each

The Innocents Abroad was set in hot metal and printed by hand. The paper is
mouldmade Johannot, imported from France.  Hammer's binding is an unusual
non-adhesive form with exposed spine sewing, housed in a black-and-white
linen wrapper intended to suggest a portmanteau.

The exhibit, which is on display at the Library's Washington Library Center
9th Floor Exhibition Hall, features prints and books from the Special
Collections and Preservation Division, which was formed in 1975 as the
repository for rare books and art work held by the Chicago Public Library.
It provides examples which illustrate various printmaking processes:
etching, lithography, letterpress, and others.

Other events in the series took place previously. Also upcoming, on
Saturday, January 6, at 10 am, Greg Prickman, Elizabeth Holland, and Sophia
Jordan of the Library will discuss the collection and its conservation efforts.

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