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Is Rawhide Vellum?

Hello there.

I'm need to teach myself how to do some basic limp vellum bindings and am
having a hard time locating a source for vellum in the Seattle, WA area. I've
found a wonderful leather shop which sells rawhide which looks similar, but I
hesitate. Is it the same thing?

Is rawhide vellum?

Are there any good sources for purchasing vellum?

Are there any good sources for learning about limp vellum bindings?

Thank you all very much!


Patience Allen
Book Artist
Transplant from the Center for Book Arts in NYC to Seattle
Tel: 206/325-7386
E-mail: Impsquat@aol.com

Boogie, dance, sing, shout, and wiggle every day like nobody's watching! ;)

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