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Re: Typing a manuscript

>   I realize this question is sort of off-topic, but I do seem to recall
>   some Book-Arts members who have published books.  My question: is there
>   a "standard" style that a publishing company desires in a manuscript?
>   E.G.  font, font size, page size, margins, etc.   How do you provide the
>   manuscript to the publisher/editor?   Thanks for any suggestions.
>   TL Herbert, herbertL@musc.edu


It varies from publisher to publisher. And the business of font and size is probably
a bit irrelevant, considering they will probably have more interest in the kind of
digital media and software you use.

>From my experience with various publishers, they will probably insist on:

- Printout MUST MATCH the electronic files. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

- NO UPPERCASE TYPED AS UPPERCASE (lc toggled to UC or styled by style sheet may
escape their wrath)

- Indentions made with style, not with spaces or tabs. [Forgiveness is possible!]

- No double spaces after sentence periods. [Forgiveness is possible!]

- A clean double-spaced printout free of handwritten corrections, coffee stains, and
stapled or taped addenda.

Some publishers ask the author to insert certain typesetting codes, but this is
rather technical and the conventional codes vary from publisher to publisher
depending on their kind of typesetting systems.

The University of Chicago has a Manual of Style for electronic manuscript preparation
(as I recall). The best way to find out is to contact the publisher you are
considering working with.

Michael Brady
jbrady@email.unc.edu   http://www.unc.edu/~jbrady/index.html

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