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lost subscribers

I'm appealing to the Book Arts Listserve for help. The post office has
returned issues of Letter Arts Review and/or Tabellae Ansata for the
following individuals. I'd like to get their issues to them, but don't have a
new address. I've listed the state or country of the address we have. Let me
know if you can be of help with a current address or phone # or email
address. Thanks John Neal

E Beth Santarelli (CO), Gordon McDowell (CA), Christine Latimer (NZ),
Handworx, Toddy APJones (MN), Suzanne Jacquot (CA), Lyn Pearce (Australia),
Annie Sullivan (MA).

800-369-9598 (USA & Canada)
336-272-9015 fax
336-272-6139 phone

Last Issue Sent
Letter Arts Review: 15.4
Tabellae Ansata: 1.4

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