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Re Hand Held Scanner2000

I have an old Logitech ScanMan Colour scanner which has been brilliant. I scanned
all the images for my book _Tardrew : A history of the Tardrew family around the
world_, printed the masters with an HP5L laser printer, and had them printed
offset. The result was far in excess of my expectations.

The secret in getting high quality scans of this nature is to scan at a lower
resolution and print high. I did all my image scans at 100 dpi grey scale and
printouts at 600 dpi. The difference between the originals and the scans is hard to

Stitching large pictures or blocks of text  with multiple runs of the 4 inch
Logitech is another matter all together. I, too, had difficulty with this and I now
have a flatbed scanner which does the whole page at a time. I still use the hand
held for those books which are too fragile for putting into the flatbed.

A digital camera would be great and less wear and tear on the fragile book but a
used hand held scanner would be only about US$20 - $30, I would imagine, so it gets
down to cost.

Good luck.

Regards - Ian Bates

Sage Old Books

> Date:    Wed, 29 Nov 2000 12:54:45 -0500
> From:    Ignacio <if@BOYBEAVER.COM>
> Subject: handheld scanner HELP!!
> Hi,
> I need to scan some images in very old and fragile books. putting them on a
> scanner is not possible. I remember a few years ago some company made
> handheld scanners that you could roll over an image and capture it. I've
> done quite a few searches but have come up empty. The closest to what i'm
> looking for was the CapShare by HP, but the resolution is only 150 dpi and
> I need at least true 300, preferably 600 dpi.
> Anyone have a lead or suggestion. Thanks in advance
> Ignacio Frances
> if@boybeaver.com

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