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Re: Re Hand Held Scanner2000

Ian Bates wrote:

> The secret in getting high quality scans of this nature is to scan at a lower
> resolution and print high. I did all my image scans at 100 dpi grey scale and
> printouts at 600 dpi.

You can't create information in an image where you did not acquire the
information in the first place. If you are scanning continuous-tone
originals you should - at the least - adopt the ole' process engraver's
rule of thumb to scan at a resolution of approx. 2-2.5 times the screen
count in the final image -- as long as the final image will be of the
same size as the original. This means scanning at 266-332 dpi if you
print with a 133 lpi screen. If you won't print the image by using a
screen -- but rather with continuous-tone printing techniques like
collotype etc. -- you should not have scanned the image in the first
place since the continous tone is lost forever as soon as you transform
it into ones and zeros.

Line art is the really bad news - you should meet or exceed the
imagesetter's output resolution which usually is 2540 dpi.

Cutting corners is good when one needs to catch a bus - but in graphic
arts it usually turns out to be a detour.

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