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need info on vandercook

I have the opportunity to buy  Vandercook #4  and wondering what a good=
 ballpark price (US) for this press would be.  It's in very good condition =
 and includes an extra set of new (newly ground) rollers.    I was planning=
 on renting a truck, taking a couple of large friends along and picking it=
 up myself.  Is there anything I should know before I get there as to=
 transporting it (about 150 miles interstate) such as tie-down etc.  Is it=
 possible to move one of these by truck without  crating or should I plan to=
 build a skid/crate or something  before I get there to hold it in place?=
 We're guessing it's about 1100 pounds. Can it be broken down at all?  The=
 seller has a jack that  we can possibly use to get the press onto the=
 truck.  I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has one or who has=
 moved one.  Also does anyone out there know of a site with a picture of=
 this press?  I want to send one to someone to show them what we're getting=
 into and can't find a single pic anywhere, mostly SP15's and 20"s
Thanks, Yvonne
Oyster Street Press
52 Oyster St.
Bluffton, South Carolina 29910

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