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Digital Delivery

I'm trying to gather information about digital delivery of artist's books
and am interested in other artist's thoughts on this.

What I have in mind - an electronic version of the democratic multiple -
differs from on-line books in that the book is not designed to be
experienced on-line, but rather to be printed and assembled by the end user,
with the finished book existing as a physical object.

You can see a version of this format at:

This particular project was designed in color - working in black and white
would allow more consistency in the finished product and make it more

Several things about this format appeal to me. First, it allows immediate
worldwide distribution of a book.

Second, it would allow someone to download a facimile of a book or part of a
book (albiet, within the confines of structures that can be printed on one
side and assembled from one sheet - stroke book, etc.) and be able to
approximate the experience of relating to the 'real' work physically. They
could also experience more of the text/images/layout than a photograph

Lastly, the artist gets to do the fun part - design the work - and the end
users supply the assembly labor. You could have an edition of 50 books out
there without ever having to lift a bone folder.

There are lots of questions surrounding this idea... Why give away the work?
(Judging from the failure of Stephen King's on-line experiment, most people
won't pay even a small fee on the honor system)...If you could get a
facimile on-line, why buy the real thing? (Assuming that the 'real'
edition's materials/printing/textures/structure can't be approximated
digitally)... Do people really want to do the work involved in assembling
someone else's artist's book?...etc., etc.

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts and about other 'print and
assemble' books out there.

Best wishes,

Pendleton, Oregon

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