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Re: rare earth magnets

In a message dated 12/1/00 11:55:03 PM, owenjohnson@earthlink.net writes:

<< Sounds interesting.  Where does one find Rare Earth magnets?  Thanks,
Paticia Owen
If you prefer to answer on the listserve that's fine, probably others
would like to know too.  Thanks again.

Both the strip magnets and the Rare Earth Magnets can be found at the same
places as mentioned earlier. They are repeated as follows:

The magnets can be found in various places, i. e. McMaster-Carr
(www.mcmaster.com  or  cle.sales@mcmaster.com) or Edmund Scientific
(800-728-6999, www.scientificsonline.com). Strip magnets have limited
magnetic power for their size. Also, you should be aware of the alignment of
the poles if they are used in pairs -- the two pieces will shift if they are
brought together.
You might want to consider Rare Earth magnets which are much more powerful
for their small size. For some items, they seem to be ideal for our type of
Bill Minter

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