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Re: Digital Delivery

Roberta - this is a fascinating idea. Some immediate problems and/or

1) what is the intended finished size? It looks from your illustrations as if
it is designed to be printed out on 8-1/2 x 11" paper, though on my monitor
the pages view as larger than that. When I printed it out, it did not fit on
an 8-1/2x11 sheet, in fact it took three pieces of paper to print the book
and then it did not print about two inches of the right hand side of the
images. The background prints as well, so you lose another 5/8" from that.
Even resetting my  printer margins would not have given the additional space
needed. Letting us know what the printed size is intended to be allows us to
instruct the printer so that the whole image will print. Otherwise, it is
just guess work.

2) Crosswise and lengthwise folds "read" more universally, I believe, than
"hamburger" and "hotdog" folds. And though it is clear (after a bit) that you
intend us to fold an 8-page accordion on the crosswise fold, I found your
instructions confusing.

3) A diagram with fold and cut lines would be a helpful accompaniment to the
photo instuctions. That way, those of us with a geometric frame of mind
wouldn't have to do so much translating.

It's a very interesting idea. And since there are many variations of fold
books in existence, one that could continue for some time. I could see it as
a combination of getting your work before the public and a tutorial on
accordion-style books, if you had aspirations in that direction. Though I
printed the book out, I can't assemble it from the pieces and have a book as
you intended it to look, so I will not assign an edition number to it or
register. Very interested to hear what others have to say about your novel
idea. Barbara Harman

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