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Re: Digital Delivery

On my website, I have samples of instructions for workshops which I teach.  I
create the instructions in Adobe PageMaker and then "distill" them into Acrobat
Reader documents.  Rather than downloading raw text or image data, the Acrobat
document is preformatted the way I want it to look.  No matter who downloads it
and which platform they use, it will look the same.  (Or so I've been told.  I
hope it actually does that!)  All the end user needs is the free Acrobat Reader
from Adobe.com.

If you care to take a look, go to:


Then click on "Instructions and Workshops" and then on "a sampling of my
instructions" (in the second paragraph).

Using Acrobat is one way to get around the problem which Barbara Harman had
downloading and printing Roberta Lavadour's online book.


 Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
 Book: Artist | Binder | Conservator

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