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Sorry I'm a little late in responding, but it's a
difficult time of the semester. Interesting concept,
Roberta. Thanks for sharing. I like the obvious
connections to mail art in your project and see
parallels in my own current investigations. Check out
Fine Print at fineprint.com for another solution, as

The digital world is challenging the traditional
notions of "bookness" and I LOVE it. There are so many
interesting, related, artistic and commercial
developments. Hopefully, you've seen some of the
wonderful book projects the Walker & Xerox PARC have
put together, as well as the print-on-demand
enterprises. I would encourage everyone to check out
"eBooks, Education and the Future: A New Learning
Curve" at eBooknet.com, too.

Next spring, at McKendree College in Lebanon,
Illinois, I'm putting together "3.3.EBE," an
electronic book exhibition. Anyone with relevant work
to share or any recommendations of favorite digital
bookworks should feel free to contact me off list.
Stay tuned for more as we get closer to the opening.

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