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Re: tape residue

Mark -

Before you try alcohol or any other liquid attempt to remove the residue is
to test whether any sort of liquid will affect your cover - test some hidden
part of the cover with a water dampened cotton swab, then try an alcohol
dampened cotton swab.  If there are streaks of color left on the swab, you
will find your cover bleeding when you try to use liquids to lift the

Have you tried gently scraping the residue, with a microspatula or a palette
knife?  Perhaps you can get it to flake off.  Unfortunately, some of that
brown residue might be permanent, due to acid migration from the tape.

Wei To deacidification solution (bottled, not spray) contains some organic
solvents that do a good job picking up left over tape residue.  The
deacidification agents may affect the color of the cover, however.

Dolly Blunt
Preservation officer
Florida State Archives

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