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Re: intro and hollander plans

Hello, Jim:

How North are you? (I'm in Houston.) There are some papermaking lists hosted
at egroups.com that might interest you. The groups range from
kitchen-blender-hobbyists to more serious papermakers. I belong to several,
and particularly like this group: http://www.egroups.com/group/PaperMaking.
We just finished an annual project, a collection of samples from papermakers
all over the world, torn into strips and sent back out in little booklets to
all the participants. (Sandra Holley is the hard-working woman behind that

Discussions of Hollanders and their construction surface periodically on
these lists, so a search of the archives (which you can access after
subscribing) might turn up some useful information

Best wishes,

Rikki Mitman
Help change the world. Teach a
child the meaning of personal honor.

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