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Posting of "book arts related" items for sale on this list is OK

A reminder from your "List Owner."

This list relates to all the book arts, and is designed to provide a forum
for discussion of relevant topics relating to the exercising of our
art/craft. This also INCLUDES postings of items for sale AS LONG AS THEY
RELATE to the book arts. This can include items you are offering for sale
privately, or through a service such as Ebay. As long as these offerings
relate to the book arts they are appropriate, and NOT considered "spam," so
post away.

If you are not interested in a posting, just hit delete. If you feel a
posting inappropriate, please let me know. I will rule based on the
comments above. As a rule though, I will not involve myself unless
absolutely neccesary. This list sees preciously little TRUE "spam." I'd
like to keep it that way.


 >>    In schoen gebundenen Buechern blaettert man gern.   <<

Peter D. Verheyen
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