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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 7 Dec 2000 to 8 Dec 2000 (#2000-334)

Jim wrote:

> Hello, my name is Jim.  I'm new here and thought I'd say
> hello.  I've been playing around with making paper for a
> while and I can't seem to stop.    I also make musical
> instruments and hand made knives and tools.
> I'm wondering if any one has a plan for a hollander beater.
> As I understand it it's basically like a steamboat paddle
> wheel in a tub of water.  I'd like to build a small one if
> I can understand the concept clearly.  thanks!
> Jim in North Texas

Jim, I don't know anything about Hollander beaters, but I'd like to
chime in and let you know I'm also an instrument maker!
(violin/viola/cello and Early Music)  I'm training as a preservation
assistant in the University library & find I really like working with
paper and books.  It's far less expensive to create a book than it is to
make a violin, too, so I feel as if I'm able to do more, and also be
more creative with my work.  Anyway it's nice to meet you on this list.
What led you to become interested in papermaking/bookbinding?

Robin T

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