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Acceptable List Conduct

Agreed on all counts.

I'll add to that, please sign your REAL name. When subscribing to the list,
you were asked to put in your real name/business name. Not everyone has
done this, and  it hasn't not been enforced, but will be in the future. A
signature file (with your name) or just signing messages helps other
readers determine who the post is coming from, it's credibility...

To the issue of spam. Because of the way this list is configured, precious
little gets through. What does get through is easy enough to delete. It's
annoying, agreed, but no more so than "me too" posts, people replying to a
message without adding anything, or copying whole digests in there reply.
I'd love to see all those go too, but I just don't have the time to filter
everything, or even the desire to.

We all subscribed willingly to this list, and as such postings are not
considered spam. That means we consent to receive all the postings to the
list, not just the ones that interest us. It also means we have to develop
a thicker skin. I delete a lot, as I'm sure many of my postings get deleted
as well, especially those dealing with list administration. ;> If you're
not interested in something, just delete it. If you really don't like the
postings you have three options.

1) unsubscribe
2) unsubcribe and read the archive online (this is great if you don't think
you'll ever want to post.
3) set your options to "nomail" per the FAQ <http://www.philobiblon.com>
and then read the postings in the archive. That way you won't get the mail,
but still have the option to post.

Pretty much anything relating to the book arts is fair game. This includes
technical Q&A, tip exchanges, questions about supplies/suppliers,
announcements of exhibitions/workshops/gallery
openings/conferences/jobs..., AND items for sale, be they private person,
ebay, or whatever. I for one have gotten some great leads on tools, books,
catalogs... via this list, and I know by seeing responses to some of these
that others have too. As long as a connection can be made to the book arts,
it's ok by me.

Finally, let's just be more tolerant of each other. I know it can be hard,
but let's just try. I like the way this list manages to remain fairly
civilized in comparison to some others I am on. Let's keep it this way.

Peter Verheyen
Listowner: Book_Arts-L@listserv.syr.edu

Philobiblon: Book Arts, Different By Design
Hand Binding, Conservation, and Project Websites
Peter D. Verheyen
<Fax: 612.632.3718>

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