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December 2000
For Immediate Release


        The Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) announces the on-line
availability of its latest publication Handbook for Digital Projects: A
Management Tool for Preservation and Access.  The new Web resource was
funded by a Library Leadership Grant from The Institute for Museum and
Library Services.  NEDCC receives major funding from the National Endowment
for the Humanities.  The Handbook was published to meet the needs of
libraries and museums, and other collections holding institutions for basic
information about planning and managing digital projects.  In an effort to
make this timely information available at no cost to anyone at anytime,
NEDCC has posted the text on its Web site at www.nedcc.org.

For the past five years, NEDCC has explored the complex issues surrounding
digital conversion of collections through its nationally successful School
for Scanning conferences.  Many of the School for Scanning faculty members
have contributed to this compilation of experts  experiences and advice.
The Handbook covers in detail, such topics as:

  *  Rationale for Digitization and Preservation        *  Vendor Relations
  *  Considerations for Project Management      *  Digital Longevity
  *  Selection of Materials for Scanning                *  Overview of Copyright Issues
  *  A Technical Primer                         *  Guidelines from Case Studies

The Handbook is also available in hard copy and ordering information is on
the Web site.  Also available online and in book form from NEDCC is the
third edition of its highly successful Preservation of Library and Archival
Materials: A Manual, published in 1999.  An updated and expanded version,
this book was sponsored by The Institute of Museum and Library Services

More than 400 pages in length, the manual consists of a series of 51
technical leaflets, divided into six categories:

 *  Planning & Prioritizing                      *  The Environment
 *  Emergency Management                         *  Storage & Handling
 *  Reformatting                                         *  Conservation Procedures

*  Handbook for Digital Projects: A Management Tool for Preservation and
Access is $38.00.
*  The cost of Preservation of Library and Archival Materials: A Manual, is

For ordering information, contact Juanita Singh at Juanita@nedcc.org or
(978) 470-1010 or visit www.nedcc.org.

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