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Re: two suggestions to everyone on the use of this list

They are, mostly. If you look at your header you will see that the messages
are addressed:

To: Book_Arts-L: READ THE FAQ at http://www.philobiblon.com

Not the little public service announcement letting everyone know where they
can find information on setting options...

I use Eudora, and have a filter set up which scans the "to:" line and puts
all postings to the list into their own folder.


Also I have a suggestion to the list owner: I was wondering if it was
>possible for every message to be marked as a mail from the list. I am also a
>member of the bookbinding list, and every mail I am getting from there has
>"bookbinding" automatically written in front of the title of the message.
>This makes things much easier with e-mail management. Most messages from the
>book arts list are recognisable through the title, but I think a more
>obvious marking would help. I don't know if other members of the list feel
>the same.

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