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Catalogue 37 now available

Our catalogue 37, Book Arts Miscellany, has now been published. It contains
252 items in all, from $25 to $25,000, relating to typography, fine
printing, illustration and all phases of the arts of the book (and some
peripheral matters). We will be glad to mail a copy upon request but please
note that we can transmit a copy in identical format by e-mail, as an Adobe
Acrobat .pdf file, viewable by anyone with Acrobat on their system. Sent in
this form, this takes less than three minutes to download at 56k. All
responses should go directly to me -- PLEASE DO NOT POST TO THE LIST.

Reply to: erd@ulster.net
Phone: (845) 657-7057      Fax: (845) 657-2366
Please note that this area code was changed from 914 on June 5, 2000
Kindly adjust your records

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