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Scrapbook misalignment

Dear Jim,

Don't know if anyone has mentioned this to you yet privately, but one way to avoid
this in the future (or go back & correct now) is to do a primary binding (tacketing)
of the pages & spacers before you put it into the album structure.

Let's pretend this is your paper & spacers:
|              |
|              |
| :            |   Punch/drill two small, closely
|              |   spaced holes in two places & tie
|              |   very securely with strong thread
|              |   (linen sewing thread). Tie & knot
|              |   each pair separately.
| :            |
|              |

An additional benefit of this is that should your secondary binding come apart, the
bookblock is still intact.

A major thing you'll need to take care with is to make certain that the holes you
drill for the album structure (secondary binding) don't cut through your primary
binding. Good way to avoid this is to know where the secondary holes will go & place
the primary/tacket holes between them.

|              |
| o            |
| :            |   Space secondary holes so as not
|              |
| o            |   to cut through your primary
|              |
| o            |   sewing.
|              |
| :            |
| o            |

It may be that you need to secure your bookblock in the album with more than two
holes to help distribute more evenly the stress the spine/bound area exerts on the
bookblock when opening/closing. Perhaps you could experiment with clamping the album
together with c-clamps & protective pieces of heavy board -- clamping very securely
so that you can get your sewing as tight as possible. This may help alleviate the
problem. (Take care not to clamp too tightly & make impressions in your album

David J. Lawrence
Dallas, Texas
I got bookbinding tools for my boyfriend -- best trade I ever made!

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