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Moving headbands


I working on a book which has something I have never seen before:
the headband (a folded piece of leather with (probably) a rope core)
is not attached/glued to the spine but to the innerside of the hollow
back (cardboard).

Please have a look at:


and tell me (us) what you think. Ever seen this before ? Is this
some kind of bindingstyle I've missed ??

B.t.w. the book is
F. Chass=E9riau
Pr=E9cis historique de la marine Fran=E7aise=85,
Impimerie Royale

It's bound in half leather with papermarbled covers.


Cor Knops.

Knops Boekrestauratie
Conservation & Restoration of Books and Paper
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6151 CS Munstergeleen Netherlands
phone +31 (0)46 4200024
fax   +31 (0)46 4110180
email boekrestauratie@xs4all.nl
www   http://www.xs4all.nl/~knops/

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