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CD Storage

Hi everyone, I'm hoping one of your has the solution to my problem. Three
years ago I received as a gift a calendar from the National Gallery with
reproductions of some of the impressionist paintings in their collections.
The calendar was contained in what looked like a simple CD Jewel Case - with
the hitch that, of course, there was no additional component inside to hold a
CD and that the front cover rotated all the way around the bottom (or
"binding" edge) to create a platform for the calendar to stand upright. Well,
silly me, I thought this would be an easy object to find, particularly as I
have recently seen other calendars with the same design. I have created my
own calendar but now have nothing to put it into. I know whatever reply I
received will not be in time for my studio sale (tomorrow - talk about
leaving things to the last minute!), but now I just want to know where I
could go looking to find the *#%* things. ANY suggestions or (best) the exact
location of these little gems would add you to my list of most wonderful
people in the world and earn my undying gratitude.

And best of the season to all of you, of whatever persuasion! Barbara Harman

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